Prognostic Research

Prognosis is a key concept in patient care. However, although prognostic research is becoming increasingly important in clinical medicine, the actual methodology behind it is relatively underdeveloped.

The purpose of this course is to redress this imbalance. We will therefore discuss the principles and methods of non-experimental prognostic research, together with the practice of prognostic research in a clinical setting. The emphasis will be on learning about the design and statistical analysis of prognostic studies, the construction and estimation of prediction rules, the various approaches to validation, and the generalization of research results. You will also learn how to address the challenges of dealing with small data sets.

Prognostic Research is one of the online medical courses of the MSc Epidemiology Postgraduate Online; the online MSc program in Epidemiology offered by Utrecht University, University Medical Center Utrecht, MSc Epidemiology and Elevate Health.

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