Study Design in Etiologic Research

This course is a core component of any Master´s degree in Epidemiology, and is also key to being able to follow specialized courses in epidemiology. Its aim is for you to learn about the principles and practice of cohort, case-control and cross-sectional studies. We will discuss design, data collection and outcome measures, as well as the major advantages and disadvantages of the different study designs. The emphasis will be on the application of study design in etiologic research.

This online medical course focuses on the more classical approach but also addresses modern concepts and design options, such as case-cohort designs. Various other study designs will also be discussed, with an emphasis on validity issues.

Study Design in Etiologic Research is part of MSc Epidemiology Postgraduate Online; the online MSc program in Epidemiology offered by Utrecht University, University Medical Center Utrecht, MSc Epidemiology and Elevate Health

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